5 Line Jokers (fruit)

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Miten pelata 5 Line Jokers (fruit)

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Game Description:

Who said fruit slots are no fun anymore? They will always remain all-time classics, and Quasar Gaming proves this again and again by releasing more and more of these little juicy entertainment factories for everybody’s enjoyment! Lack of a particular theme, similar images, similar colours – it all just doesn’t matter in the slightest as long as the good old fruits keep spinning and PAYING OUT! All of this perfectly applies to 5 Line Jokers for there is nothing in this slot but pure fun and winnings. And what else do we, slot lovers, really need?

Game Start:

Placing your bets in 5 Line Jokers is merely a matter of playing around with two little “+” and “-” buttons sitting right below the reels. These buttons are meant to set up your total bet per spin straight away because all the 5 win lines in this are permanently active and the concept of “bet per line” is not applicable here. In other words it means that your odds of hitting a win are always the same and the highest. In turn, the bigger the bet, the greater the possible winnings – to see exactly how lucky you may become depending on your current bet, check out the paytable by hitting the respective button. Once you find the right balance between your budget and potential winnings, hit “Start” and… well, enjoy.


As you will clearly see from the paytable, this little fruit machine has nothing in common with those numerous slots where the win may actually be smaller than the bet and all you can actually do to gain some profit out of the spin is go for double or nothing. No monkey business here: even the cheapest combination here is worth 2 bets, the second-cheapest – already 5 bets and so on until you hit as much as 50 bets with a triple seven! Sevens, by the way, are typically the highest-paying symbols in most traditional fruit slots, and who knows, it may well have to do with seven being considered a lucky number since times immemorial. In this slot, however, the power of sevens is not absolute: they face competition from jokers. The jokers not only pay out the same when aligned in a winning patter, but also act as wild symbols, substituting for any other ones on the reels. Another renowned symbol – the golden star – awards a mystery win spanning anywhere from 2 to 25 current bets. And finally, at the end of any spin you may be awarded a random win worth as much as 25 current bets – quite enough said about the power of fruit slots.


At the end of each winning spin you are most welcome to push your luck a bit further and stake your prize in a fair game of chance. With 50/50 odds of doubling the money, choose red or black and see if it’s double or nothing! The already doubled amount can be staked multiple times, and if you’re lucky enough, the eventual profit can be simply enormous.


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