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The topic of money has never been more fun than it is in Action Money. This fast-paced online slot game features money more than any other game on the market. The 5-reel game is full of special features, engaging animations and cohesive background music with a RTP of 96.94%. As you spin the reels, you will likely be impressed by the high-quality animations. Because money is the center of attention, players get to focus on what brought them to the game in the first place: winning big. The graphics may be cartoon-like, but the fun of the game is real. Are you ready to dive head first into winnings? Novices and veterans can keep reading to get some helpful information about the game start, winnings and features.

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You do not have to put on your best suit to play Action Money. Instead, all you have to do before you can start is set your wager. The game has 20-bet lines, but you do not have to use them all. You can set your bet lines by choosing one of the numbers on either side of the game screen. Once you have that set, you have to choose how many coins to bet per spin. There are boxes at the bottom of the screen that show you your choices. As soon as you pick how many coins to bet, the reels will start to spin. You can use the autoplay button to play the game with a constant wager. This can help speed the game up for those players who want an extremely fast-paced game.


If you want to understand the winnings of the game, you first have to know what symbols might appear. The bag of money, dollar bills, body guard, gold credit card, office building and limousine all require at least three symbols to earn a payout. The secretary and banker, on the other hand, only need two-of-a-kind for there to be a potential for a win. You can review the potential payouts by looking at the paytable. This table shows what you will win based on your current bet level. Most wins must start on the leftmost reel and continue on consecutive reels along active paylines.

Action Money ominaispiirre:

Action Money is full of special features for you to enjoy. First, the boss symbol acts as a wild card, but if you get five in a row, you can get a big payout. This symbol can substitute for any of the aforementioned symbols. Second, the signed contract symbol can activate a special gameplay or award a large payout that is dependent on the number of symbols that appear. Third, the bank symbol acts as a second scatter symbol, but it only triggers the special gameplay, called the Bank Feature, when three of the bank symbols appear on the last three reels. During the bonus game, you must pick one of the five banks displayed. Each bank is associated with a random multiplier. After you have the multiplier selected, you have to choose an envelope, which will tell you how many free spins you get and introduce an additional wild symbol. You will then continue to play until you are out of free spins. After the bonus game is over, the old rules return.


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