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Always Hot has three reels and five bet lines, which makes it a reboot of the classic slot games you may have come across decades ago. With a smaller board and fewer lines, this game is easy for both novices and veterans to master. Even though the gameplay is simple, the animation and soundtrack are still engaging. Players can get sucked into the dazzling symbols and enthralling sounds as they spin the reels. While some players may refer to Always Hot as a retro game, because of its small grid size, the animations are anything but retro. Keep reading below to learn more about the gameplay, winning and features offered throughout Always Hot.

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The five bet lines offered by Always Hot are fixed, which means all five are active all of the time. The only thing you can change is how much you bet per line. You can change this amount by hitting the plus or minus buttons. The game does have a minimum and maximum bet, so you may not change your bet value to anything higher or lower than those parameters. Once you have your wager set, you can start the spinning by hitting the start or autoplay buttons. The start button will spin the reels once at your current bet level. The autoplay, on the other hand, will continue spinning at your current bet level until you either hit the stop button or run out of coins. Your preferred game speed will dictate how you spin the reels. If, for example, you are looking for a fast-paced game, autoplay may be the best option for you.


In order to get a payout, you need to match three symbols across a bet line. This means you might have three of a kind in a row horizontally or diagonally. The minimum bet you can make is five and the maximum is 100. The payout amounts shown in the paytable will vary based on your current bet level, which means you will not have to do any type of math. Instead, you will be able to spin the reels and enjoy the game. As you spin the reels, there are a few symbols that can show up on the screen. You might see sevens, stars, watermelons, grapes, bells, oranges, plums, lemons or cherries. If you want to know what each symbol is worth at your current bet level, you can review the paytable. Simply click on the button at the bottom of the screen. Typically, the sevens offer the highest payout.

Always Hot ominaispiirre:

Some of the newer slot games can get confusing with their special features and bonus games. Always Hot keeps things simple with very few features. The two specials that are offered can either triple or double your winnings. If the same symbol covers the entire screen, you can triple your winnings. In this way, the lower paying symbols can become big winners. After a win, you have the chance to double your payout or lose everything by partaking in the gamble feature, which is sometimes referred to as risk. This gamble feature may not be available if you play with the autoplay button.


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