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Are you looking for a classic slot machine format featuring speed and ease with just a little more creativity than the original fruit symbols? Always Hot Cubes offers the simplicity of a basic three reel, five pay line format while offering a little more excitement with rolling dice and greater win opportunities. The colorful format is filled with varying types of dice in beautiful bright colors. The dice continually roll as the reels are spun, offering varying win opportunities. If you are looking to mix-up your usual slot routine, this is the perfect game. There is no need to be afraid of any extravagant bells and whistles and complicated bet lines, as this game stays true to the traditional slot format. This brief overview will have you started on the game in no time.

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This newly designed simple slot game has risen in popularity in casinos across the globe and is now taking the online slot world by storm. To begin play on this colorful world of dice, you only need to place a bet on your spin and hit start. The five pay lines are easy to activate, which eliminates the hassle of betting on a large number of lines, which can be overwhelming in determining where to bet and how much. The easy to navigate arrows and coins allow you to quickly budget your bets and select lines. Once you hit start, the dice will simply spin on the reels and land in varying combinations. Players may also have the opportunity to increase their payout through special features and opportunities.


As in traditional slot machines, combinations of three determine winnings and payouts. Dice include a number of colors and symbols, which combine to create winning pairings while enhancing the atmosphere of the game. On each spin, players have the chance to earn more than one combination and are able to collect payouts on all the winning selections that appear in the reels. The game does not offer any scatters, wild cards or free spins. What you win per spin is exactly what you get, and you then move on to the next spin. The winnings are that straight forward and simple, which make this an excellent option for new gamers. However, gamers will want to make sure they carefully budget as they play, which is made simple with easy controls.

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Players have the opportunity to increase their payout after each spin with the only available feature in the game. At this point, players select the gamble feature, which provides a chance to double your winnings. Once selected, the game feature will give you a playing card that will flip to reveal your winnings. You will have a choice between red and black giving you 50/50 odds to increase your payout. The card will then flip to reveal its color. If you select correctly, your winnings will be doubled. If you have chosen incorrectly, you will lose all your winnings and will be left with nothing. This feature offers added excitement without complicated bells and whistles.

Return – to – player: 95.36%.


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