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Nothing is quite as relaxing as lounging on the beach, sipping on a delicious beverage. You may not feel the sand between your toes while you’re playing Beach™, but you can certainly sip on a tasty drink while you’re playing the slots. Everything about this game will have you feeling as though you are at a tropical paradise. It produces a sound of calming waves crashing upon the shore. When you get a winning combination, some Caribbean-inspired music plays. Not to mention, this game does not have the tiles spin around like you have seen 100 times before. Instead, a wave pushes rocks, seashells and treasure chests onto the shore, and if you get at least three symbols next to each other, you win!

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It is very easy to get started with the Beach™ slot machine game. There are 10 different betting levels, and you can select which one you want by either increasing or decreasing the initial value. If you have a “go big or go home” attitude, you can cut straight to the chase by clicking on the “Max Bet” button. Once you are happy with the amount, you can click the “Spin” button, which is the big green circle in the middle of the screen. You get a little bit of an assist from the Wild symbols, which can be found on the first, second, fourth or fifth reels.


Winning in Beach™ is the same as any other slot game. Even if you only have a little experience playing online slot games, you can determine what a winning combination is fairly easily. However, there are a few key features of Beach™ that are noteworthy. You can get the Octopus Wild. That’s right! You have a little cephalopod in the game to lend you a helping tentacle. This guy stays on the third reel, and it is able to swap the positions of any symbols on the second, third or fourth reels to create a winning combination. In case the octopus can’t create something that results in a payout, it stays to the far left of the screen, waiting until it is able to swap two symbols. Another cool thing is the Free Wave Scatter that is activated when three Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen at the same time. This gives you a set amount of free spins, ranging anywhere between eight and 24. All these are present to give you an even greater shot of being a winner.

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In order to check out your winnings, you can go to the pay table at any time. You can also choose the “Auto Play” feature at any time. You will need to specify how many spins you want the slot to automatically play, and it will stop once the designated number of spins has been reached or until you have run out of money. You can decide if you want to listen to the sound effects as you play, and you can alter the graphics quality, which comes in handy if you are having internet connectivity issues. Have your own little tropical getaway at home by playing Beach™!

Return – to – player: 96.8%.


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