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Game Description:

We’re always more than happy to see a dash of humour in our slots gaming and while Quasar Gaming may specialise in some of the most serious games around, with serious prizes, they prove with Cash Farm that they’re absolutely no strangers to the concept of comedy slots. All of their games are entertaining in their own right, but if you place value in a smile creeping across your face while playing then you will absolutely adore this slot. It’s not all fun and games either, as the seriously excellent gameplay that characterises all sorts of different games from the developer is present here. This means that both slots veterans that demand the best and casual players alike can enjoy what is available, and you’ll get even more out of it by going in prepared ’ something that you can do by checking out our full instructional guide below.

Game Start:

Cash Farm might be laugh a minute but before you get a fit of the giggles, you’ll need to do something that is required on every single slot, no matter the tone, and that is to place your bets. As always, the more you bet, the more you stand to win and this is because the values of each of the symbols, from the wooden playing card icons to the cows and pigs, is determined as a multiple of your line bet. You can view the pay table at any time to see what impact changes in your stake are having on the game itself, and it is then important to consider that your chosen line bet will be multiplied by 25 as that is the number of lines that are in play here. Deciding on your bets may not be overly humorous, but deciding on a winning strategy is always part of the fun.

If you’re an experienced player then the process will be over in a matter of seconds anyway, at which point it is time to spin the reels. Both standard and auto play options are available, although if you wander off while the reels are spinning on this game then you might be missing out on some of the fun!Symbols pay from left to right according to the aforementioned pay table, but your first taste of feature action comes in the main game itself and it won’t take long for you to see it for the first time. Cash Farm incorporates the Reel Refill system that Quasar Gaming has enjoyed making use of lately, and it basically entails multiple additional ways to win following any winning spin. Any symbols that form part of a win will disappear from the reels and more will descend from above to take their place. If another win is formed then this is paid out too and the process continues. These refills don’t cost a thing and if you hit a particularly lucky chain then you can expect to be on the receiving end of some truly spectacular results.


Reel Refill may be plenty to keep you entertained, but Cash Farm also comes with its own pick a win feature and all you need to do in order to enter it is to land three or more tractors on the reels. Various prize levels are presented on the screen in the form of hay bales. You can take your pick of the bales to discover additional prizes and revealing the red arrow pointing upwards will allow you to proceed to the next level, where the prizes are even bigger. You can keep on picking until you reveal the dollar sign, and this round can even be potentially more lucrative than the refilling reels!


Rounding off the action on Cash Farm is the gamble game and there’s nothing funny about this one ’ it is a good, honest way to double the proceeds of any winning spin. Used in combination with the Reel Refill feature, you may well be gambling big in the round but the process remains the same, as any prize can be doubled in a fifty-fifty game of chance and if you’re successful, you’re more than welcome to gamble once again, effectively quadrupling your prize.


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