Cupid’s Arrow

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It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day for you to enjoy the game of love. In fact, Cupid’s Arrow offers the opportunity to do so any time of the year and any time of the day, too. This slot-style game allows players to wager between .50 and 50.00 on the game’s 25 lines, and Cupid’s Arrow might even offer better chances of getting lucky than you’d have on Valentine’s Day. As slots begin to roll, a number of sexy characters act as the symbols. Win or lose, there’s plenty of eye candy to enjoy.

The other symbols in the game are romantic tokens that might be used to woo a love interest. A bouquet of roses, a heart-shaped candle and a chocolate-dipped strawberry are just some of the items that carry the game’s theme and offer players the opportunity to win. As you wage your bets, you might imagine you are betting on love itself and the aim of Cupid’s Arrow. Much like its namesake, the game is left to chance, but you’re sure to have fun no matter where it lands.

Return to player: 95%.

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Once players pay in, they are greeted with the game’s primary interface. This scene displays the five slots you will play on as well as the aforementioned symbols that comprise each one. Cupid’s Arrow is a typical slot game, so players with prior experience should have no trouble getting into the flow of the game. Unlike some other games, however, it only offers players the chance to determine the amount of their bet. All 30 lines are automatically included thereafter.

The title card for the game displays its name, Cupid’s Arrow, and acts as a substitute for all cards except bonuses and the golden cupid symbol. The latter of these is a wild card and triggers other random wild cards, too. The bonus symbol is a scatter that appears on reels one, three and five, and it has the ability to trigger feature selection.



There’s much more at stake than love when you play Cupid’s Arrow. You can take home an impressive bounty when you play the right way, and if you get lucky, you certainly will. For a minimum bet, the game’s beautiful blonde woman can net you between 1.00 and 20.00. The equally enticing brunette offers players winnings that range from .80 and 15.00 for the same bet.

In the event that you hit a winning slot, you can choose whether or not you want to collect the sum. If you choose not to, you will be able to gamble it by selecting a black card or a red card in an attempt to increase your earnings.

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Cupid’s Arrow is an adventurous and enticing game. Between the bonuses, wild cards and attractive cast of characters, you’re sure to enjoy time spend in cupid’s world. In addition to the undeniable entertainment value, you can gamble your heart for the chance to have at part of his treasure, too. No matter how the slots align, you will love this game of love and the winnings it can offer.


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