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Get transported to the magical world of fairy tales with the Dark Queen slot game with a RTP of 96.04%. This video slot gets its inspiration from the classic story of Snow White. You spin the reels, and you can see all the iconic symbols, including Snow White, a fun-loving dwarf and even the Dark Queen herself. The fairy tale aesthetic is even applied to the music that plays whenever you win. The music sound as though you are about to embark on an epic quest. With such an imaginative slot game available, you are going to have an absolute blast spinning the reels.

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There are numerous combinations you can get in this game to come out a winner. There are 20 pay lines, and while other video slots may allow you to alter that number, 20 pay lines is fixed throughout this game. Pressing any one of the bet buttons will spin the reels. You have your choice of how many credits you want to place on each spin. The lowest amount is 20, but you could also select 40, 100, 200 or even 400. If you want to take this slot game for all its worth, then try out the Autoplay function. This will continue to spin the reels until you have run out of credits to play with. It will also stop if you manually press the button again to regain control of the reels.


There are many fanciful symbols located in Dark Queen. You have the standard J, Q, K and A, which have the lower payouts. There are also symbols that are more oriented toward fairy tales. There is the squirrel, dwarf, bag of jewels and a few others. Snow White and the Dark Queen are worth the most. There is also a Wild symbol, which can be used to substitute for any other symbol. This greatly increases your chances of getting a winning combination on a spin. If you really want to test your luck but potentially get some great payouts, then try the Gamble option whenever you win. A Gamble button appears after a winning spin, and you have the opportunity to win twice as much. The Gamble game sounds simple enough. You have to select whether a facedown card is going to be red or black. If you are right, you double your winnings. If you are wrong, then you get nothing for that round.

Dark Queen ominaispiirre:

There is one symbol the standard Wild cannot be used for. There is an Extra Wild symbol identified by a poisoned apple. This icon is only going to appear on the first reel, but when it does pop up, you are in for a treat. The Extra Wild itself serves as a Wild, but it also turns any symbols bearing a J, Q, K or A on the board into a Wild as well. This really ups the ante and greatly improves your chances of seeing some outstanding payouts on a single spin. If you want a shot at living happily ever after, then play the Dark Queen slot today.


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