Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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Game Description:

The first thing about this game that often catches the eye is the name! Quasar Gaming is not particularly known for its humorous slots, or indeed ones with such long titles, but this game proves that when they turn their hand to such action, they’re not going to let anyone down! This is one game that definitely won’t leave a sour taste and is about as feature packed as they come, together with offering some truly entertaining action from great basic gameplay and a selection of extras that will keep you coming back for more. Below, we’ve got extensive details on absolutely all of the features, not to mention the basics that will allow you to get up and running on the reels in no time.

Game Start:

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy may be one of the most unique slots out there right now, but that certainly doesn’t mean that players will encounter any difficulties when setting up the betting options to their liking. If you’ve already played various Quasar Gaming slots before then you’ll have a head start as the controls remain the same as always. Even if you haven’t, you can be straight into the action after using the buttons to adjust both your stake and win lines. Your initial bet is calculated in credits and there are up to twenty win lines on offer, both of which are fully adjustable.


Three bonus features are available on Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy and they come around thick and fast, ensuring that you’re never waiting too long for a sizeable boost. The first uses the game’s logo and three of them in view on the second, third and fourth reels will bring three additional lemons onto the screen. Simple choose one to squeeze and they’ll reveal not only lemon juice but also a number of completely free spins, ranging from five to twenty.Next up is the Lemon Squash bonus and while the principle is similar, the prizes can be different. You’ll need three or more Lemon Squash symbols to enter the round and you’re presented with even more lemons.


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