Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel Touch

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Follow Hansel and Gretel into the forest and try to eat all the candy you can without being caught by the wicked witch. NetEnt’s new video slot in the Fairytale Legends series launched on the 24th April and takes you right up to the candy house, we all heard about as little children.

Watch as the mischievous brother and sister hide between branches and bushes, in the darkness of the night, to sneak up onto the witch’s house to pocket some candies for themselves and some winnings for you. Don’t you worry about them, they’ll be safe under the star lit sky, especially with the little blonde pretty fairy with pink wings.

She’ll follow you through your walk in the forest too, making sure to sprinkle in some goodies off her wand, so you can have some shooting star magic – the Fairy Wonder Spin, Fairy Wild Spin and Fairy Surprise.

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Treasure Chests Bonus Feature:

Once you land yourself the bonus feature you’ll be presented with 3 chunky, red, treasure chests to choose from. Take your pick and you’ll be handed one of 3 boosters:

– Candy House

A friendly bird will fly onto your screen with the candy house keychain in its beak. Grab it and watch as Hansel and Gretel sneak out from behind the bushes and take you to the candy wall. Pick 3 candies at random and watch as the values on the side start disappearing until you’re left with the values of your chosen candies – they go from x1.2 to x120!

When you know the value of your pick, you can either cash in on your guaranteed price, or take one last pick and get in the chance of pocketing the amount of that single candy enhanced by the multiplier offered.

Our favourite part of this feature is seeing the dozing-off witch falling off her chair at the end of the game – cruel? Nah, it’s only a little thump.

– Coin Win

Simple and effective – just click and watch as your big win builds up!

– Free Spins

The friendly little bird will come back to tell you how many free spins have been triggered for you – sit back and watch as little stars on the side light up your winning lines with stars shooting on the dark night background.

We like this 3-option bonus feature – whichever treasure chest you pick, you’re sure to top up both in fun and balance.

RTP: 96.71%


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