Golden Sevens

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Game Description:

Golden Sevens is part of perhaps the most popular set of games that Quasar Gaming has ever created. If you asked the average player to name their most memorable experience of the company’s slots then the chances are that fruit symbols will crop up regularly. That’s exactly what you can expect here, and there’s also the bonus that no two slots in the range are ever truly alike. That means options and choices and we’ve got all of the details on how exactly that works out on this slot right here. Whether you’ve encountered the game before or are simply trying it for the first time, by the time you’ve finished reading you’ll be a bona fide expert and ready to take on absolutely everything that the game has to offer!

Return to player: 94%.

Game Start:

Your first glance at Golden Sevens will surely bring back plenty of memories if you’ve been playing video slots for a while. The five reel layout is certainly nothing out of the ordinary and the availability of twenty win lines means that there are plenty of winning opportunities on each and every spin. These lines also impact on your bets of course, as you’ll be required to select a stake which is then applied to every active line. Fortunately, there is a little strategy involved as you can adjust the number of lines with the controls provided and come up with just about any stake that you could possibly want to play. When you’ve settled on the right betting combination for your needs, you’ll set out to spin in as many combinations of three or more matching symbols as possible. There aren’t any symbols that could be considered to be particularly out of the ordinary here on Golden Sevens, as Quasar Gaming has stuck with the tried and tested selection of cherries, oranges, melons, bells and bars. Unlike some fruit themed slots, there is also a wild card that will fill in for the main cash icons. Spinning in these combinations all happens when you spin the reels of course and you can either do that manually or make use of the auto play feature which will keep them spinning indefinitely.


The bonus round on Golden Sevens is accessed somewhat unusually compared to more standard slots and it is all based around collecting MG points. These are awarded within the gamble feature, where successfully doubling your prizes will also award these points. The threshold required in order to reach the bonus round depends on your stake and is displayed on the game itself. When you reach that number, you will enter a wheel of fortune style round where you’ll scoop a great, guaranteed cash prize.

Golden Sevens Feature:

Golden Sevens separates itself from the crowd even further by giving players the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot prize. It is one of the larger prizes around, but it can also be tricky to win as you need to fill the entire screen with red sevens. Fortunately this isn’t quite as difficult as it may sound as a special extra feature on the game will see all queen and king symbols becoming additional sevens, opening up plenty of additional winning possibilities! To enter this feature, you’ll want to see the Golden Seven itself on the reels, which will then launch what is known as the Special Bonus and you’ll see the relevant playing card icons transforming before your eyes, while also enhancing the chances of taking home the huge top prize.


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