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Casino games have come a long way over the years, but any experienced player will tell you that sometimes a classic game with hefty payouts is the best way to spend your money. Grand Slam is one of those games, and the retro slot machine imagery used in the design lends an aspect of authenticity to your experience. The five reels look as though they are really popping off the screen with colorful fruits, stars and bells. Meanwhile, a mellow interlude plays in the background to help you relax and focus on the game. With only nine paylines, this game might seem like small potatoes, but the timeless simplicity of the interface and the massive jackpots waiting to be claimed are guaranteed to draw you in.

Return to player: 95%.

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To play Grand Slam, begin with a minimum bet of 40 credits. This amount can be changed at the bottom of the screen, but you cannot exceed a maximum of 10,000 credits per spin. Furthermore, all nine paylines are permanent and cannot be adjusted, so be sure to refer to the diagrams below the reels to gain a better understanding of your earnings. These diagram show the defined paylines clearly from left to right. Like many classic video slots, you can even choose to play automatic rounds until you’re ready to jump back in the game. This has become a favorite feature of online players from all corners of the globe.


The paytable for Grand Slam is easy to decipher. There are eight different kinds of fruit that come with various rewards, but you must have at least three matching symbols on your payline to earn credits. Bells also accompany the fruits as one of the highest paying items in the game. As a matter of fact, five matching bell symbols translates to a win of 8,000 credits. Cherries and oranges, however, are only worth 40. You can even wish for a lucky four-leaf clover, which ranges from 200 to 2,000 credits. To the right side of the paytable, a summary of the other features can be seen as well.

GrandSlam ominaispiirre:

There are two distinct features of the Grand Slam video slot that are worth gambling on. Surprisingly, this has never deterred players from plundering the reels, but the fascination probably come from the instantly rewarding scatters and risk game. The initials of the game serve as the first extra, a scatter symbol that comes with a minimum reward of 200 credits. If you are lucky enough to collect five on your reels, you’ll receive another 800 to 4,000 credits. But what if the reels just aren’t giving you the kind of winnings you want? After each spin, you will be given the option to double up fast with a traditional gamble feature. You will see two buttons and two icons on the screen. It is your job to select the red or black button and wait for the light to reveal your fate. That means you have a 50 percent chance of losing your stakes, so choose carefully or you’ll literally be out of credits in a flash.


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