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If you love the lemons, oranges and grapes of the old-fashioned slots machines in casinos of yesteryear, you’ll spend hours spinning the wheel on Jokers Casino. This simple, traditionally styled game features three rows and four columns that total a massive 54 win lines, giving you the option to win big with every spin. Watermelons, lucky number 7s and, of course, jokers round out the traditional symbols in this well-loved slots game. Once you get start spinning, you’ll never want to stop!

Return to player: 95%.

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To start playing Jokers Casino, you must first decide if you want to play for real winnings or for fun. If you decide to play for fun, the game will allow you to start with as many as 500 credits. Next, you must choose your bet. At minimum, you must bet .40 credits, but you can bet up to 100 credits. You may wish to start small until you build up winnings, raising the stakes as you go. Once you decide how much to bet, simply press the start button.


The paytables on Jokers Casino pay in consecutive order. Unlike most slots games, which only pay from left to right, this one pays from left to right as well as from right to left. If you win on multiple lines in one spin, your winnings are added up. Winnings depend on how much you bet and which symbols you spin. The bell, single grape, orange, lemon and cherry symbols are the most common. They pay between .20 credits and 50 credits per winning spin. The bunch of grapes and watermelon symbols are the next most common and pay between .40 credits and 100 credits per winning spin. If you are lucky enough to spin the bar symbol, you earn between .80 and 200 credits. The rarest symbols are the jokers and the 7s, which pay between 200 and 500 credits per winning spin. Finally, Jokers Casino features a mystery symbol that appears at random and pays a random winning amount. Depending on how much you bet, spinning this symbol earns you between .20 and 500 credits. Any winnings are forfeited if the game malfunctions.

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Jokers Casino features a bonus game between spins that can help you rake in even more winnings. If you win money on a spin, you have the option to gamble it. Clicking the Gamble button takes you to a mini-game featuring a deck of cards. All you need to do is determine whether the face-down pile’s next card is black or red. If you guess correctly, you can guess again, doubling your winnings each time for a total of five guesses. For example, if you bet 100 credits and win, you then have 200 credits. That could double to 400, which then doubles to 800. In total, betting 100 credits could turn into 1600. Be careful, though! If you don’t guess correctly, you forfeit everything, including your initial winnings. The game provides the previous five cards face-up so you can make an educated guess about which color will be turned over next.


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