Pharaohs Ring

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Game Description:

You can’t say that you’ve sampled everything that slots games have to offer until you’ve played one with an Ancient Egyptian theme and there are few better candidates than Quasar Gaming’s Pharaoh’s Ring. It looks excellent and the gameplay is of the variety that will have absolutely every player coming back for more for some top notch wins that seem to flow effortlessly from the game as you take in all of the great aesthetics and surroundings. The action on the game comes in all shapes and sizes and you’ll never find yourself short of a new way to win. This is great, but it also means that you might need to pay a little more attention than on some of the simplest slot games. Fortunately, you can discover exactly how to unearth a fortune on the game using the handy quick start guide below.

Return to player: 95.16%.

Game Start:

Before you go digging for treasure, you need to pay your dues and, as with all slots, this means deciding how much you want to play for on each spin. Pharaoh’s Ring is as flexible as ever when it comes to the betting options, making it the perfect slots gaming opportunity for small stakes players and high rollers alike. You can use the plus and minus buttons on the game to cycle through the available options on both counts, with the number of available lines being capped at twenty. However, if you want to play for particularly small stakes or are only enjoying a short gaming session, you can knock this all the way down to one if you so choose, although you’re risking missing out on plenty of value on the game if you do so. One thing to look out for when placing your bets is that in addition to multiplying your number of lines by the line bet, a further bet will be placed automatically in addition to your standard stake. This bet is used to fund one of the additional features on the game, which brings the Pharaoh’s Ring itself into play. That symbol is a super wild card, which can fill in not only for any other paying symbol on the game, but also scatters as well, making accessing the bonus round even easier than you may have thought.


The inclusion of the Pharaoh’s Ring as part of an additional bet is certainly out of the ordinary, and the way that the bonus round works is rather uncommon too, making this game a surprising treat for even the most vastly experienced slots players. One of the go to scatter symbols at the Quasar Gaming offices is the book and it reprises the role here. Three or more in view, or combined with the Pharaoh’s Ring during normal play, will award ten completely free spins. That may sound fairly standard, but that is before considering the addition of a special expanding symbol to the reels. It could be anything, but you can rest assured that when it lands, plenty of win lines will join in on the action as it will cover the entire reel. That’s not all, as when the prizes have been paid out from the result of a standard free spin, the expanding symbol may even make its way to any other reel on the board, or even multiple ones at the same time. If that causes an additional win on the board, then that will be paid to the player too and you can’t beat getting paid twice on a single spin!


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