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Game Description:

Random Runner from Quasar Gaming is a perfectly executed virtual replica of a land-based 80’s-style slot machine with a somewhat intricate winning strategy going beyond the usual “land-those-symbols” approach. With the reel hold feature, mighty Supermeter mode and much more, the traditional fruit-based action takes a completely new turn, bringing lots of excitement to all you who are still faithful to the immortal classics. Seems enticing, doesn’t it? Well, then it’s the perfect time to give this massive contraption a few spins and feel the power of fruits combined with some technology! And just in case you’re not quite familiar with this type of slots, feel free to read our brief guide below.

Game Start:

The first and foremost thing that makes Random Runner stand out among other slots is the betting options. Instead of going through the traditional procedure – setting up your bet per line and the number of active win lines – you have to set a somewhat different parameter: coin value. The thing is that all stakes and wins in this slot are rendered in coins and not in actual money. The paytable in Random Runner is located right next to the reels, so in order to know exactly how much you are going to be paid for this or that combination, all you have to do is multiply your selected coin value by the respective amount of coins. This is very simple math, but it may well seem a bit tricky at the beginning. Now, when you’re done with calculations, simply hit start.


Random Runner features two independent sets of reels, one at the top and one at the bottom. Your initial stake is 1 coin, and you start playing on the bottom set which features only one win line. It would be too few indeed but for one thing: reel hold feature. At the end of each losing spin you may hold any 2 reels using the special buttons directly below the reel set and try your luck once again. This allows you to gain more control over the gaming process and quite possibly give your bankroll a boost. Whenever a win is achieved, you can either leave it in the coin meter and keep playing (unless you want to quit the game) or transfer it to the so-called Supermeter and start playing on the top set of reels. The top set features already 5 win lines and a separate paytable with much more substantial prizes. Your stake here is predetermined as well: 5 coins, 4 of which are taken from the Supermeter and 1 from the coin meter. The Supermeter game can be quite profitable to say the least – for example, even the cheapest fruit combination here is worth as much as 5 times your stake!


On the bottom reel set, the traditional “BAR” symbol acts almost like a proper wild, substituting for most fruit symbols on the 3rd reel. The cherry, in turn, closely resembles a scatter: a single cherry on the 1st reel will randomly pay out anything from 0 to 4 coins.


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