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Are you looking for an exciting new slot game? Reel King Free Spin Frenzy is the perfect game for the purist slot player looking for just a little more excitement. As you start to play, you will enter an opulent world of royalty filled with grand castles, beautiful princesses, regal queens and of course benevolent jolly kings willing to share their riches with the luckiest of players. The classic reel format stays true to traditional slots while the excessive free spins take the game to an entirely new level. This game is easy to learn and navigate, which creates an ideal platform for both new and experienced gamblers. Here are a few basics to help you jump into the regal world of Reel King Free Spin Frenzy.

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This is the newest addition of the recognized Reel King slot series. While staying true to classic graphics, the new platform offers additional opportunities for wins and payouts, making it just a little more exciting than its predecessors. The game possesses five reels and twenty pay lines, which provide extensive options to win. The start is true to most slot games. To start, you will identify your coin values and set up your funds. Once you have completed the basic set up, you can select amounts for each bet line using the plus and minus buttons. When your bets are in place, all you need to do is press start. It is truly that simple to get going. As the reels stop, lines may display matching symbols for wins and potential free spins. If no matches appear, you will spin again. This game is user friendly from the get go and will have you on the edge of your seat in no time.


Most basically, a player wins during a spin when 5 identical symbols are matched on one of the twenty pay lines. The odds of matching symbols increase as players earn free spins. You will want to look out for the special King bonus symbols. When three bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels at the end of a spin, a player will receive additional rewards. Immediately, you will receive a payout of two times your initial bet. In addition, you will receive ten free spins, which provide even further opportunities to obtain matching symbols and further payout.

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The most exciting and unique feature of this game occurs during free spin opportunities. When the game enters free spins, reel kings will appear on each of the reels. If these symbols land stacked, the mini reels possessed by the kings will spin resulting in combinations of sevens. Depending on the combinations, players have the opportunity to earn even more free spins or cash payouts. These spins can result in a payout up to 250 times the initial stake. The spin feature makes this an exciting game that is super easy to play. While the game comes with all the classic icons and graphics of its precursors, this game takes it to an entirely new and exciting level with the extensive free spin opportunities and excellent potential rewards.


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