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Classic, yet memorable, Stickers is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game that has 20-bet lines with a RTP of 96.7%.  The game features your typical wild symbols, but with a twist. These symbols can transform into Sticky Wilds, which activate the special game, Sticky Spins. One unique aspect of this NetEnt offering is that it was designed with mobile users in mind. You can play Stickers on either your desktop or mobile devices, like many of the slot games offered, but this one was made primarily for mobile use. Because the gameplay is easy to master and accompanied with engaging music and great graphics, this is likely to be a favorite of novices and veterans alike. Whether you are trying to understand how to play or looking for tips to win, you can find some great, useful information here.

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The start of the game is similar to that of other video slots. First, you may want to look at the 20-bet lines, which are fixed. This means you have to bet all 20 lines, but you can still set the bet level, which ranges from one to 10, and coin value to mix up your betting. Once you have your bet ready, you can hit the spin button to send the reels spinning once. If you want to speed the game up a little, you can use the autoplay mode. When you hit this button, you will have to select how many spins you want to play at your current bet level.  If, on the other hand, you want to make things a little more interesting, you can use the max bet button to make the highest bet possible for a single spin. You can mix and match how you play until you are ready to stop or run out of coins.


While learning how to play is always good, many users want to better understand how to win. Each symbol has its own payout level, which you can learn more about by checking out the paytable. Your bet level is the multiplier by which your coin winnings will be multiplied. If, however, there are any special multipliers, they will be applied after the bet level. On a single bet line, a win is payable if the symbols fall in succession starting at the leftmost reel and working to the rightmost. You can only have one win per bet line, but the highest win will be awarded. If you have more than one win on different bet lines, the winnings are added together.

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To make the game more engaging for the players, NetEnt has introduced two special features: the Sticky Wilds and Sticky Spins. Whenever a wild appears on the reals, it turns into a Sticky Wild, which means it stays in place on the reels during the Sticky Spin feature. Wilds can be substituted for any other symbols on the reels. If a wild does appear, the Sticky Spin is activated. During this gameplay, you might win more spins if any other wilds appear. These bonus spins are played at the same bet level as the spin that started the gameplay. Anything you win from this feature will be added to your original spin winnings.


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