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Game description:

With Supra Hot, this game provider took another shot at blending the modern with the all-time classic and hit the bulls-eye! The well-known attributes of a classic fruit machine have been spiced up with just enough innovation to make the slot stand out among many others and keep you entertained for a good while. Supra Hot is quite action-focused and will not distract you with too much graphics and animation. There is a good reason for that: instead of the usual 3 reels and 5 or 10 win lines, the game is played on an extended 4-piece reel set and features as much as 25 lines with a RTP of 95.20%. Watch out for those wins as they can float up in the most unexpected of places!

Game start:

As the number of bet lines is fixed and cannot be adjusted, the only controls you have to worry about are the ones over your total bet per round. Just below the reel set you will find two little “+” and “-” buttons which are there to help you adjust the amount at stake. The bigger the bet, the more you can potentially win, which is perfectly illustrated by the pay table. If you open it and play around with the bet adjustment buttons, the values of all possible winning patterns will change accordingly. On the one hand, we all want to wing big, but on the other there’s always a budget to stick to – after all, you might have to make a few losing spins before your luck comes. So bring your bankroll and ambitions in harmony and get straight to the business by pressing the Start button. Otherwise, enable the Autoplay mode and watch the reels make spin after spin completely on their own until you choose to press “Stop.”


Supra Hot has a 4-piece reel set, so naturally the biggest prizes are awarded for 4-of-a-kind combinations. This means that your ultimate goal is to land 4 matching symbols in a row – i.e. without any other symbols in between – along one or more of the 25 win lines running across the reels. Even a single 4-of-a-kind combination will grant you a decent prize, yet it is totally possible to land several winning patterns at a time. Better yet, with some symbols it is possible to get an impressive prize already for a 3-of-a-kind succession – this is the case with the blue stars and flaming sevens.


Let’s say you’ve waited too long for a lucky spin or the amount won simply doesn’t satisfy your ambitions? What can you do in such a situation? The answer is simple: use the Gamble feature. It’s a fair game of chance where you can substantially multiply your prize. The game takes place on a separate screen with a face-down playing card right in the middle: guess whether the suit is red or black, and if you’re right, you get twice the money. You can do this several times in a row, but even if a single guess turns out wrong, you lose the money.


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