Thumbelina’s Dream

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How to play Thumbelina’s Dream:

If you were ever a child…which of course you were…you’ll know the story of Thumbelina. An iconic and universally recognized fairy tale character, EGT decided the time had come to give her a makeover. Or at least, throw her into an entirely different kind of story and setting!

Thumbelina’s Dream is an entirely different offering from EGT in more ways than one. For one thing, there’s a generous 225 paylines to play for. For another, there are six reels in-play, as opposed to the usual five. And if you’re out to bet big, Thumbelina’s Dream supports wagers from 50 coins up to a whopping 1,000 coins per spin. Suffice to say, it could well be the stuff dreams are made of if you play your cards right!

Game Start:

The first thing you can’t help but notice about Thumbelina’s Dream is the fabulous fairy tale setting. That said, this is quickly followed by the realization that you’re playing with six reels instead of the usual five. Not to mention, the fact that the first three reels are three symbols high and the second three are five symbols high. Which may come across as confusing at first, but is actually incredibly easy to get used to and makes for some spectacular entertainment!

Take a look at the top left side of the screen and you’ll notice a generous FOUR progressive jackpots, along with their corresponding card suits. Constantly ticking over, each of these jackpots has the potential to reach the most dizzying heights imaginable. In-play symbols include all the usual playing card values, along with a fairy bird, mouse, mole, frog, grasshopper and Thumbelina herself.


Unsurprisingly, it’s the star of the show that offers the biggest cash payout during normal play. Six Thumbelina symbols in a row being worth an immediate cash prize of 5,000 coins. The bird, mole and mouse symbols are also generous enough, paying prizes worth 3,000 coins, 2,500 coins and 2,000 coins respectively. Generous enough, but still – chances are by now, you’ll already have your eye on those sizeable progressive jackpots!

Special Features:

Thumbelina also serves as the wild card and can take the place of any other symbol in the game, in order to help form winning combinations. As for the fairy, this is also the scatter symbol you’ll be needing three of, in order to access a generous set of 10 free spins! And as usual from EGT, you’ll always have the option of gambling your prize on the turn of a card – an all-or-nothing option that could instantly double your prize!

As for those progressive jackpots, the feature you’re looking for can be triggered randomly at any time during normal play. You’ll be presented with a dozen face-down cards, in order to continue selecting cards to be turned over until you match three of the same suit. At which point you will be rewarded with the corresponding jackpot!

Moderate on the variance scale and with an RTP of 96.16%, all gamers at all levels will get a real kick out of Thumbelina’s Dream! Just be warned that once you’ve seen those progressive jackpots personally, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself coming back for more!


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