Two Mayans

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Game Description:

If you want to embark on a stunning journey into history with all of the trappings of some great slots action then Two Mayans is for you. The culture has inspired plenty of different slots but Quasar Gaming prides itself on creating the best of the best, and we certainly wouldn’t argue with that assertion. In many ways, it is the ideal slot for all sorts of players as the betting options are as flexible as always, while there are more than enough features to hold the interest of even the most demanding players. Of course, more complex slots like this warrant a little investigation before you front up some cash, but you can discover exactly what the game is all about before the reels even load by having a look through our full quick play guide below.

Game Start:

Even the most epic of historical journeys begins with placing your bets and there is little difference in the process between this game and the others in Quasar Gaming’s extensive slots range. A combination of win lines and line bets will hold nothing by way of surprises for experienced Quasar Gaming players and you can adjust them down to the finest detail using the respective plus and minus buttons. No matter how you decide on what bets to place, all of the important information is at your fingertips, not least the pay table which will tell you exactly what your chosen bets are worth when applied to every single winning combination.No matter how you come to your chosen betting options, when you’ve made a decision you’re poised and ready to start spinning the reels and this is where the uniqueness of Two Mayans starts to unfold.


The bonus feature on Two Mayans is activated whenever players land the bonus mask icon on both the first and fifth reels at the same time. On a game that is full of surprises, you’ll be less, well, surprised that it has yet another trick up its sleeve and when it comes to the bonus round that trick is that you can never be quite sure just how long the round will last. Rather than a set number of spins, players can keep on spinning completely free of charge until the mask icons appear on the first and fifth reels simultaneously once again. Should just a single mask appear on a free spin then a prize equal to your total stake will be paid out in addition to any wins from the spin itself.


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