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Wild Adventure’s name is no overstatement. This thrilling slot game is reminiscent of Indiana Jones and similar action fantasies. The fantasies become a reality the minute you click the start button and immerse yourself in the game. Like a dangerous expedition, players can embark on a journey of intrigue, risk and discovered treasure with every play. The gorgeous graphics are just the start of the adventure that lies ahead.

Like any good adventure, Wild Adventure offers the opportunity to bring home some serious gold. Whether you’re drawing out the experience by betting smaller sums or aiming for a jackpot with bigger wagers, you’re sure to find loads of entertainment in the world of Wild Adventure. More importantly, you’re always the hero in this tale.

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The game’s beginning forecasts the excitement that lies ahead. Upon selecting the digital machine you wish to play on, Wild Adventure presents players with an enticing interface. Five slots fill the screen and present a total of 30 lines that players can bet on. The slots are configured so that all lines are automatically included in your wager, but you do have the ability to bet between .02 and 2.00 per play. Hit autoplay to watch the slots go or control each gamble individually.

The title card symbol acts as a wild card for any other symbol, with the only exception being bonuses. These are indicated by a compass symbol, and if struck, offer additional rewards to the player, including seven free rounds in which gold symbols can be won. Realistic sound effects accompany the gameplay and make the adventure that much more exciting.


The winnings you garner in Wild Adventure are dependent upon your playing strategy, of course, but there are plenty of opportunities to nail major wins in this game. The most lucrative of all cards is the titular one, which can land you with winnings ranging from 1.00 to 10.00 at minimum. The beautiful companion who accompanies you on the adventure is a lucky win, too, as her symbol can net you between .80 and 8.00 for a minimum bet.

The rest of the game’s symbols, with the exception of bonuses, offer minimum payouts between .50 and 6.00 for winning plays. There’s nothing better than seeing the fruits of your labor pay off when your adventure reveals a lucky line. With chances like these, it’s possible you’ll come home with some respectable bounty after the adventure is over.

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Wild Adventure is a traditional slot game with all of the features you would expect from a standard game. In addition to the routine slots and bets, though, it offers a twist that ups the ante and makes gameplay infinitely more enjoyable. In addition to the impressive graphics and thrilling theme, the game’s wild cards and bonuses make playing an unpredictable endeavor that is never dull. Players also have the ability to choose between collecting or gambling their winnings. If you choose the latter, you may select black cards or red cards in an effort to increase your earnings. Between this and the other great features, Wild Adventure is exactly what its name promises.

Return – to – player: 94%.


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