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Not everyone enjoys playing online video slot games. If you would prefer to play bingo, you may want to give Boto Bingo a chance. This colorful game allows players to simultaneously play up to four cards. With 90 numbers available, each time you play this game you can have a completely different experience. The cards have 15 numbers randomly selected for them, and each game has 30 numbered balls that get drawn. The tropical animations and background music may make you feel like you are spending the day on the beach as you enjoy this online game.

Return to player: 96.26%.

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When you start the game, you can choose to play as few as one or as many as four cards. You can set how many cards you are playing by using the plus and minus buttons next to the card box. You also get to set your bet value per card within a minimum and maximum range. Use the plus and minus buttons next to the bet/card box to increase or decrease the bet per card. Once you have your wager set, the balls will start rolling out of the bingo cage. Each time you have a matching number, it will automatically be marked on your card or cards.


In order to win at Boto Bingo, you need to create a certain pattern on your card or cards. There are seven winning combinations. These patterns include the entire card, an H symbol, two horizontal lines, three vertical lines in columns one, three and five, two vertical lines in columns one and five, one horizontal line, and the four corners. Each card can only have one winning combination, but the highest paying win will be awarded. If you are close to completing a certain pattern, but the 30 balls have already been revealed, you can choose to purchase extra balls to try and complete your pattern. However, you only have the chance to purchase 13 extra balls. The price for these extra balls depends on the prize you might win. For example, if you are close to getting a blackout, the price of extra balls may be more expensive than if you are trying to finish the four corners. You can review the winning combinations by looking at the left side of the screen while you are in the game.

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Bingo may seem like a straightforward game, but there are special features you can enjoy. For example, Boto Bingo has a jackpot that players may be eligible to win. If the blackout bingo is achieved within the typical 30 balls, the jackpot may be awarded. Once the jackpot is awarded, however, the current round of bingo will end. The other special feature of Boto Bingo is activated by the H symbol. If this pattern is achieved without any type of overlap, a bonus game starts. During the bonus game, you will be transported to a picturesque pond and required to collect some of the lilies growing there. Each lily is associated with a multiplier, and when you find three identical multipliers, you get a bonus of that size. This game is completely separate from the bingo game, but it gives you an extra chance to increase your winnings.


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