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Game Description:

We’ve got a little something to make your Sunday morning as bright and cosy as it gets! Fix yourself a cup of coffee, open that laptop and head straight to Quasar for a most relaxing and yet exciting game of… bingo. Bruno Bingo from Quasar Gaming is simply ideal for those lazy mornings when you don’t have to rush anywhere and just can’t be bothered. Accompanied by a full-size teddy bear (yes, this is exactly what we mean by ‘as cosy as it gets’), you will enjoy a most classic variation of bingo with up to 4 cards in play, 12 winning patterns and a huge jackpot with a RTP of 95.48%. Dive into excitement straight from the comfort of your home and don’t let anything disturb you on a well-deserved weekend!

Game Start:

Bruno Bingo has virtually the same interface as any Quasar Gaming slot game, which means that it doesn’t really get any harder than pressing the little “+” and “-” buttons in the bottom part of the screen. The first set of buttons is for choosing how many cards you want in play, and the second one is for adjusting your bet per each card. The more cards in play, the greater the odds of winning, while the bigger you bet, the more you can potentially win – same as with win lines and the bet per line in slots.


Your aim is to match one or more of the 12 winning patterns on any of your cards. The values of all winning combinations depend on your bet per card and are displayed in the top part of the screen. If you lack some numbers to complete a winning pattern, those numbers will be marked in yellow and, depending on your winning chances, you may be given the option to purchase up to 11 extra balls – something not quite possible in a real bingo game. Anyway, it’s totally up to you whether to go for that extra option or simply start another round.


Bruno Bingo is one of the few virtual bingo games to offer a bonus game feature: mark a bonus pattern on any of your cards and enter a separate bonus round with a wheel of fortune! With every spin of the wheel you will get the amount displayed below the arrow with no stakes at all. You can spin the wheel up to 20 times unless extra spins are won.


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