Caribbean Stud Professional Series

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Game Description:

Let the lounge music relax you as you play Caribbean Stud Professional Series.

This poker fused into casino table game style started off in casino-friendly islands in the Caribbean, hence the name.  In time, the game moved aboard ships and ended up in popular casino destinations such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and here it is online now, available to all of us.

Game Start:

If this is the first time you’re playing it – you might want to know this is no classic poker game, but a casino table game.  You’re playing against the house, not other players.

You, as the player, place an Ante, similar to the poker blind, and 5 cards are dealt to you. The dealer then is dealt his own 5 cards but only one card is overturned before you get to choose to either go ahead and bet or fold.

The hand ranking in Caribbean Stud Professional Series is identical to the classic poker table.  From highest to lowest it’s Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind (Poker), Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind, 2 Pair, Pair, Ace+King.

In the main game this is how the hands pay out:

Royal Flush pays 200:1

Straight Flush pays 50:1

Four of a kind pays 20:1

Full house pays 7:1

Flush pays 5:1

Straight pays 4:1

Three of a Kind pays 3:1

Two Pair pays 2:1

Pair pays 1:1

Ace+King pays 1:1

When you’re considering your cards, remember that there’s a fresh deck of 52 cards in each new game.  You’re welcome.

Playing without registration:

You can play NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker Professional Series just for fun with the €5,000 play money balance available to you as soon as you enter the game.

However remember that the wins earned in this fun mode will not be converted into real money.  If you place a deposit though and play for real money, you can withdraw your wins and use the money in any way you want!


NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker holds the excitement of a progressive jackpot, where every time you get the option to place a jackpot bet, which adds up to the jackpot.

Here’s how the jackpot will pay you:

Royal Flush pays 100% of the Jackpot

Straight Flush pays 2500:1

Four of a kind pays 250:1

Full house pays 100:1

Flush pays 25:1

Straight pays 10:1

Three of a Kind pays 5:1

 RTP: 97.42%


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