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Game Description:

European Roulette brings one of the most classic casino games of all time to an online audience and you can rest assured that this game offers players the chance to play in comfort with all of the traditional rules and prizes, making it the number one way to play European Roulette online! If you need a few pointers on getting the best out of the game then read on, as we’ve got all of the details on giving yourself the best chance of turning any spin of the wheel into a winning one.

(Return to player: 97.3%).

Game Start:

If you’re brand new to the game of European Roulette, then you’ll be pleased to know that one of the true driving forces behind the game’s limitless popularity is that it could not be easier to get into it. At the most basic level, players must simply decide where they think that the ball will land and then wait for the wheel to turn to display the result. Bets on areas of the board that turn out to be winners are then credited automatically, with prizes determined by the likelihood of the ball landing where it does.Of course, there is much more depth to the game than just that, and the action kicks off, as with all games, by placing your bets. Players are offered a variety of different chip denominations, which can then be placed on various areas of the board. At the simplest end of the betting options are the even money bets. They are the bets where something will either happen or it won’t, such as the result being red or black, even or odd or low or high, meaning that the ball either lands between one and eighteen or between nineteen and 36.More advanced bets are also possible and the odds continue to match up to the chances of them occurring. Players can, for example, bet on a corner which incorporates the four numbers connected to that corner, with odds of 8/1 available for landing such a combination.The wild card in the game of European Roulette is the zero, which is what gives the house its edge. For the purpose of the game, it is not odd nor even or red or black, although players often like to cover themselves with a bet or two on the zero itself.The other aspect of the game that requires attention is the table limit. There are two different ones to pick from and you’ll see that various bets have a number of top amounts available. For example, on the 50 euro table you can place the full 50 euro bet on any of the even money outcomes such as red or black, but only a single euro on a specific number. This is designed to keep bets and outcomes manageable for all involved.European Roulette is one game that has plenty of its own nuances and there is no replacement for experience when it comes to betting strategies. The best way to get into the game like a top notch player is actually by playing the game itself and modifying and adapting to reap the massive rewards that can potentially be on offer.


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