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Get ready for a fast-moving, streamlined experienced that can only be found with Express Bonus, a 5 reel, 3 row online slot machine game that’s designed to be an excellent experience for players of all levels. This game manages to keep a firm hold on all the most traditional and well-loved parts of online slot machine games, while introducing these qualities with a whole new look that make the overall experience pretty hard to beat. Wade through the world of modern transportation to get yourself on the road to some serious winnings in no time at all. When you spin those reels, there’s no place your luck can’t take you when your symbols line up just right along the many available bet lines.

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The graphics of this particular online slot machine game might make it seem like a high-tech experience, but Express Bonus is actually a rather straightforward setup that keeps the process of getting started easy. This makes the game incredibly easy to access for newcomers as well as those who’ve been playing slot machine games for years. Simply select values like your coin value, bet level and other factors using the intuitive controls at the bottom of the gameplay screen in order to determine how much risk you want to take when spinning the wheels. Next, take a moment to select the blue information or paytable button at the bottom left of your screen to view the paytable itself. This chart contains everything you’ll need to know when playing Express Bonus, from the value of each sleek symbol to the appearance of the all-important wild cards and scatter symbols, alongside any other special feature symbols you might want to keep an eye out for as you focus on achieving the biggest win possible.


From wild cards and scatter symbols to the simple luck of your spin, there are several forces working in your favor when it comes to getting you the biggest wins possible during your time playing Express Bonus. The wild card is bound to be your biggest fan throughout the game. This particular sleek symbol can stand in for any other symbol across the five reels with the exception of the great scatter symbol and other graphics noting some amazing special features. This maximizes your chances of spinning a real winner on your bet lines. The scatter symbols are another boon you’ll want to become acquainted with while sitting down to play this great game. Wind up with enough of these symbols on your reels at the same time, and you could experience a serious multiplier for your winnings and even score a few free spins to get you the payout you’d expect from a game of such high caliber.

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Multipliers and other bonuses await you within the excellent graphics of this updated yet timeless slot machine game. This means you’re likely to get more winnings than ever before when you decide to chance you credits on this particular game. Spin the wheels right to get a major payout you won’t be forgetting anytime soon, and let the experience transport you somewhere entirely new.

Return – to – player: 92.5%.


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