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Game Description:

The fascination among casino players with roulette kicked off in the 18th century and it remains arguably the most popular game of all time. There are a number of variations out there, such as European Roulette and Vegas Roulette, but if you want the best of both worlds at once then you need look no further than Globe Roulette, which is similar enough to the standard versions to make it easy to pick up and play, while also being different enough to be worth trying as an alternative to the other games out there. It certainly isn’t worlds apart from the standard roulette games, so if you’re already a veteran then you’ll have absolutely no problems with getting to grips with this one. However, both new and experienced players alike can make use of the instructions below to see exactly what sets Globe Roulette apart.

Game Start:

The main difference that you’ll notice about Globe Roulette compared to other games is the fact that there are 36 numbers on the wheel and the ball will land on one of those numbers every time the wheel is turned. Like many roulette games, the difference is of course subtle, but can still have an impact on your bets.Placing those bets could not be easier. Your credit balance is always on display on the screen and will no doubt influence the kind of chip amounts that you’re looking to make use of. These chips can be placed on the board in virtually any combination that you can think of. The basic even money bets are a great place to start, with the concept continuing to be that an outcome either will be what you bet on or won’t be. For example, the chances are almost certain that the ball will land on either a red or black number and you can bet on either outcome. Bet correctly and you win double your stake.

You can also place chips on all of the other most common betting options for roulette fans, including dozens, rows, corners, splits and single numbers, with pay outs adjusted accordingly. You can see what each betting option is worth on the board itself, and will know when you’ve hit a winner without scanning the entire board thanks to the fact that the game will flash all winning areas when the ball comes to rest.When placing your bets, you can quickly and easily make changes if you make an error. The delete chip button will cancel the previously placed chip and can cycle through, incrementally removing bets from the board. If you’re simply not all that happy with your overall bets then you can clear the board all at once with the delete all chips button, which effectively resets the game.

When you’re happy with the way your bets stand, you can then spin the wheel. Globe Roulette incorporates both standard spin speeds and a faster speed for those who want to get to the good bit quicker. The ball will land on one of the numbers and, as noted, any winning areas of the board will flash to indicate that they form part of the overall winning combination. If you’ve got chips in one of these areas then you win a prize, paid out as a combination of the odds of the bet and the number of chips that you staked on the outcome.When the round has finished, you can place a fresh set of bets. If you were happy with your existing configuration then simply hit the again button, which will place the same number of chips in exactly the same places, allowing you to get back to the important business of spinning the wheel and winning prizes!

Return – to – player: 97.3%.


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