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Game Description:

Joker Wild is a video poker game with a twist. If you’re used to playing the likes of Jacks or Better then you’re perfectly placed to enjoy what this game has to offer, although you’ll also benefit from far more regular wins if that’s what you’re looking for. This is compensated for by the returns for certain hands being slightly lower, but if you’re happy with the idea of more, smaller wins than less frequent larger ones, then this is definitely an option. The main difference between the basic video poker variants and this one is of course that the joker is wild, just as the name suggests. This also means that you’re playing with a 54 card deck rather than the conventional 52, so you can never be too sure of what you might end up drawing!

Return to player: 98.89%.

Game Start:

While Joker Wild is certainly notably different to some other variations of video poker, there remains plenty of consistency, particularly when it comes to getting the game started. Bets are placed as normal using the plus and minus buttons, which will debit your chosen bet per hand from your overall credit balance each time you play. Like most video poker games, you can keep an eye on the influence that your chosen bet has on the potential prizes as the pay table is on display at all times and will update dynamically. The hand rankings continue to be pretty much exactly what you’re used to, with a pair of jacks or better opening up the prize winning action and the direct royal flush at the top of the board. This hand wins the jackpot prize displayed on the screen, and involves players being directly dealt a royal flush as their starting hand. All isn’t lost if this isn’t the case as you can still switch out cards to make for a royal flush for the largest standalone prize, or even make one that includes jokers for a slightly lower prize.Speaking of switching out cards, that is the main form of activity on the game.

Initially, you’ll be dealt five cards and there’s every chance that this hand may offer a win. However, whether a win is present or not, you can change any or all of the cards for others. The chances of gaining each prize appears on the pay table as a percentage, and the game itself will make suggestions regarding which cards offer the best chance of improving your hand to make for a prize winner.Whether you’re dealt a winning hand or need to switch around a few cards, any winner will launch the gamble game. Here, players can bet either their entire win or half of them on the turn of a card. If your displayed card turns out to be higher than the one that turns over, then the gamble is won and you win double the original prize, not to mention making it a single rung up the pyramid ladder. The gamble game ends when you lose a gamble, choose to collect or make it to the top of the pyramid, where collecting the accumulated wins is the only option.


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