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Game Description:

If you enjoy the classic action of roulette but want something even more exciting and fast paced then you can’t go wrong with a little Multiball Roulette action! It has plenty in common with the standard version of the game so if you’re used to it then this one won’t take too much learning, but even if you’re brand new to roulette and want to get in on some of the most exciting action around then you’ll be well versed in all of the nuances of the game by checking out all of the rules and gameplay aspects below.

Return to player: 98.65%.

Game Start:

As noted, you won’t need any more than some rudimentary knowledge of roulette in order to get up and running on this variation and the action all kicks off, as always, by placing your bets. The very same betting board that is used in conventional roulette is in play here, meaning that you can keep things simple by betting on either red or black, or may even opt for the largest single pay out in the game by covering just a solitary number, or multiple variations of that same bet.The crucial difference between this game and standard roulette unsurprisingly comes from the number of balls in play on a single betting round.

The whole point of the game is to make things as fast as possible, and we’re not just talking about making the wheel turn in fast forward mode! Instead, you can opt for the number of balls that you wish to bet on before the wheel even starts turning. A maximum of ten balls can be played on a single turn of the wheel, and your chosen bets are multiplied by the number of balls, applying to ever ball individually.Another quirk of Multiball Roulette involves the ball landing on zero. Bets on the zero do of course pay out as normal, as do multiples that include the zero. All other multiples lose, but any of the simple evens bets, such as red or black and even and odd will pay out half of the player’s stake.

The other important part of the game is breaking down your stakes based on the table maximum. For example, a table with a 500 maximum will allow bets of that size on the smaller options, such as the aforementioned black or red and even or odd. However, the maximum stakes diminish for higher odd bets, with single number bets being the lowest of all.Basically, Multiball Roulette is just like standard roulette but gives you the opportunity to win up to ten times with a single set of bets and only one spin of the wheel, making it the best way to cram in as many potential winning combinations as possible in the shortest time in gaming!


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