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Game Description:

Sic Bo is arguably the most popular and consistent dice games in all of casino gaming and, as the name suggests, is of Asian origin. However, it is now enjoyed the world over, with only craps coming close to entertaining quite as many people around the world, and it also happens to enjoy exactly the same status among online players. One of the most enthralling aspects of Sic Bo is that while it is just about as popular, it is by no means as simple as the likes of Black Jack and Baccarat. Fortunately, you don’t have to go anywhere else in order to get to grips with everything that the game has to offer, as our comprehensive guide below will have you playing like an expert in no time.

Game Start:

As with many of the most popular dice games, the actual aim of Sic Bo is a simple one. Players are attempting to guess exactly how the dice will land, and place their bets accordingly. A crucial part of the gaming experience is a betting board that has been customised in this manner, allowing players to place their chips on one or more areas of the board in a similar manner to Roulette. Of course, rather than spinning a wheel, dice are rolled instead and the result dictates which prizes, if any, are credited to the player’s balance.There are many more options regarding where bets are placed than simply guessing the total number rolled, and they start off with the Big Bet and Small Bet. Within the former, players are betting that the total value displayed cumulatively on all three dice will be ten or lower, and that not all three dice will match.

A Big Bet covers the other half of potential outcomes, with a bet that all three dice will be worth eleven or more, once again with the caveat that a triple must not be rolled. Successfully backing either outcome pays out at evens.If you’re the kind of player that likes a shot at healthy returns, then the Specific Triple bet is for you. You’re effectively betting not only on all three dice matching, but also need to select the number that you think will be displayed on each. This unlikely but certainly possible result pays at a suitably large 207/1. If you’d prefer to cover any triple, then you can do just that with the bet of the same name, paying at a slightly more reliable 34/1.A Specific Double bet sees the player backing two of the three dice displaying the same number, a bet that pays out at 12/1. This is joined by the Domino Combination bet, which sees players betting that two numbers will come out among the three dice.

The odds of this occurring are 6/1.If you’d prefer to bet on a single number then you can do just that, and the odds improve as the number comes up. Betting on a number once and it coming up pays out at evens, while two appearances pay at 2/1. Finally, if that number shows up on all three dice then you may have missed out on the odds of a triple, but can console yourself with a prize paid at 15/1.Finally, the most popular bet in Sic Bo is the specific total of the three dice, and they are paid out according to the likelihood of the number. Neither three nor eighteen are offered as part of these bets, as they would be the same as a Specific Triple on ones and sixes respectively. Any number between four and seventeen is valid however, and the closer you get to the middle, the shorter the odds. For example, both ten and eleven pay out at 6/1, while both four and seventeen pay 69/1.

Return – to – player: 89.12%.


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