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Wizard Bingo is a fun new way to play a classic game. A wizard dominates the screen as you try to match numbers to win the jackpot. With rich colors, interesting graphics and an easy interface, Wizard Bingo takes your favorite game to a whole new level. It is a lot of fun to watch as the numbers drawn magically manifest in the wizard’s crystal ball. You’ll be memorized as you watch for the next number to appear. You’ve never played a game of bingo quite like this before. Magical potions that you can earn through bingo combinations allow you to win even more and add a nice twist to the traditional bingo game. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have while marking your cards and waiting to yell out “Bingo!”

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To set up your game, you will choose the number of cards you want to play. You can play 1-4 cards. The cards are all displayed on the screen at the same time to make it easy to play and follow along with the action. You also have to choose your bet amount. You choose just one amount that is played for all the cards in each round. You can change your bet amount each round. It’s important to understand the game is played using Latin bingo rules, which vary slightly from traditional bingo, so you may want to brush up on the rules before you begin playing. There will be 30 numbers drawn at the beginning and each will be marked off automatically on your cards. You can choose to from two different playing speeds or set the game for autoplay.


The biggest win comes from getting a bingo. This is when there are 15 covered numbers on one card, which ends up being the whole card covered. When you get a bingo, you can win all or part of the progressive jackpot. How much you win is related to how much you bet. You can also get smaller wins from making different combinations. The combinations are all shown in illustrations at the top of the playing screen. Different combinations equal different win amounts. You do have the option of buying ten additional balls after the first 30 are played in order to increase your chances of winning. For the best chances, it is advised to buy balls only when there is a good chance of making a combination.

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One of the main features of this game is the magic potions. You can get magic potions by getting a bingo or special combination in the main game. You’ll be taken to a screen where there are magic potion bottles. You have to click a potion bottle for a chance to win coins. You get to keep selecting until you get an “end” instead of a coin win. Getting into the bonus potion game allows you the chance to greatly boost your winnings. It certainly can be a magically time as you choose potions and gather more coins. You will get hooked from the moment you grab up that first potion.


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